Benjamin Chiao
Professor, Paris School of Technology and Business
co-Director, Center for Chinese Entrepreneurship and Management Thought, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

1. Recent Papers

Innovation Economics and Artificial Intelligence

* Lei Wang, Yahong Zhou, Benjamin Chiao (2023). "Robots and Innovation:Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing." Journal of Business Research.
* Daniele Leone, Francesco Schiavone, Francesco Paolo Appio and Benjamin Chiao (2021). "How does artificial intelligence enable and enhance value co-creation in industrial markets? An exploratory case study in the healthcare ecosystem". Journal of Business Research.
* Benjamin Chiao and Jason MacVaugh (2021). "Open Innovation and Organizational Features: An Experimental Investigation". European Management Journal.
* Francesco Schiavone, Daniele Leone, Annamaria Sabetta, Benjamin Chiao (2021). "Industrial convergence and industrial crisis. A situational analysis about precision medicine during the Covid-19 pandemic". IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.
* B Chiao, J Lerner, J Tirole (2007). "The rules of standard‐setting organizations: An empirical analysis". The RAND Journal of Economics 38 (4), 905-930.
* Benjamin Chiao (2013). "Torts in Open Innovation". Mimeo
* Benjamin Chiao (2003). “An Economic Theory of Free and Open Source Software: A Tour from Lighthouse to Chinese-Style Socialism,” Proceedings of the International Conference on Open Source 2003. (Working Paper at the MIT Free/Open Source Research Community.)

Neuroeconomics and Neuroscience

* Xue, Chiao#, Xu, Li, Shi, Cheng, Shi, Guo, Tong, Guo, Chew, Ebstein, Cui (2022). "The Heart-Brain Axis: A Proteomics Study of Meditation on the Cardiovascular System of Tibetan Monks." Lancet's EBioMedicine. # indicates co-first author.
* Benjamin Chiao (2021). "The Application of Meditation in Decisions" in Cui D. H. and Jiang C. L.The Scientific Foundation and Applications of Meditation. The Shanghai Scientific and Technological Publishers
* Tolomeo, Chiao, Lei, Chew, Ebstein (2020) "A Novel Role of CD38 and Oxytocin as Tandem Molecular Moderators of Human Social Behavior," Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews.

Financial and Energy Economics

* Belaid, Fateh and Ben Youssef, Adel and Chiao, Benjamin and Guesmi, Khaled (2022), "Public Attention and Financial Market Recovery during Pandemics". Submitted.
* Ben Amar, Amine and Belaid, Fateh and Ben Youssef, Adel and Chiao, Benjamin and Guesmi, Khaled (2020). "The Unprecedented Equity and Commodity Markets Reaction to COVID-19." Finance Research Letters.
* Belaid, Fateh and Ben Youssef, Adel and Chiao, Benjamin and Guesmi, Khaled (2020), "The Impacts of COVID-19 on China's Domestic Natural Gas Market". Energy Forum.

Open Communication Technologies and Incentivized Attention Markets

* Benjamin Chiao, et al (2018). "Voluntary Delay in Communication Buffers to Reduce Spam". Mimeo. Patent Awarded
* Benjamin Chiao and Jeffrey Mackie-Mason (2012). "Using uncensored communication channels to divert spam traffic". Information Economics and Policy 24 (3-4), 173-186. Widely used in email service providers such as Netease, 163.com, 126.com, etc.
* Benjamin Chiao (2010, Editor). The Great Firewall of China: Some Law and Economics of Internet Censorship or 中国防火长城—互联网审查的法律经济学 in Chinese. Presented at the All China Economics International Conference (Dec 2009, Hong Kong) and the China Internet Research Conference 2010.

2. Media Articles

* Benjamin Chiao (2022). "25 Years On, Hong Kong Still a Land of Hope and Opportunities." China Today.
* Benjamin Chiao (2021). "HSBC’s Documents Relevant for Huawei’s Meng Case and China-Canada Relationship." Al Mayadeen
* Benjamin Chiao (2021). "Complementarity between China and Canada: The Crossroad to Backfiring or Prospering." Ottawa Citizens.
* Benjamin Chiao (2021). "Brand-building and the romance of craftsman's spirit". China.org.
* Benjamin Chiao (2021). "Huawei, estradizione del CFO negli Usa? Ecco perché il Canada tradirebbe la sua Costituzione." Agenda Digitale.
* Francesco Schiavone, Benjamin Chiao (2020). Medicina di precisione: le alleanze sono strategiche per sconfiggere il Covid-19. Sanita 24.
* Benjamin Chiao (2020). "Huawei case shows true colors of US, Canada." China Daily.
* Benjamin Chiao (2020). "Violating due procedures, basic rights: More Evidence of abuse of process by Canada, US in 2018 arrest of Huawei CFO." China Daily.
* Fateh Belaid, Adel Ben Youssef, Benjamin Chiao and Khaled Guesmi (2020). "Is the petrodollar era ending to be replaced by an Yuan denominated oil market?". NewsIn.Asia
* Fateh Belaid, Adel Ben Youssef, Benjamin Chiao and Khaled Guesmi (2020). "La chute du prix du pétrole n’est pas synonyme de fin du monde". Le Monde Arabe
* Fateh Belaid, Adel Ben Youssef, Benjamin Chiao and Khaled Guesmi (2020). "COVID-19 pandemic will bankrupt more economies than it kills". China.org
* Benjamin Chiao (2019). "Young people should not follow herd's behavior". China Daily
* Benjamin Chiao (2019). "City's agitated youngsters misguided by leading herd". China Daily
* Benjamin Chiao (2019). "Allies to turn their backs on U.S for Huawei's 5G technology". CGTN
* Benjamin Chiao (2018). "Why do we need more innovations for Internet regulation?". CGTN
* Benjamin Chiao (2018). "Views on Two Sessions: A look at Premier Li’s report". CGTN
* Benjamin Chiao (2018). Interview Article on the culture market. People’s Daily. (《人民日报》)
* Benjamin Chiao (2017). Interview Article on Internet Management. DPA (《德新社》)
* Benjamin Chiao (2017). Interview Article on China’s International Discourse. Singtao Daily. (《星岛日报》)
* Benjamin Chiao (2016). “The “Fund + Earmarked Projects” Mode of the Special Cultural Industry Development Capital” . (文化产业发展专项资金的“资金化+重大项目”模式) Cultural Monthly. (《文化月刊》)
* Benjamin Chiao (2016). To Prevent Abrupt Intervention in Internet Finance.” (互联网金融慎防急放急刹) Social Science Weekly. (《社会科学报》)
* Benjamin Chiao (2016). On IOT and Finance.(期待物联网金融解开融资难困境). Social Science Weekly. (《社会科学报》)
* Benjamin Chiao (2016). Interview article on the 13th Five-Year Plan. (文化产业发展专项资金的“资金化+重大项目”模式) International Finance News(《国际金融报》)
* Benjamin Chiao (2016). Interview article on the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. International Finance News (《国际金融报》)
* Benjamin Chiao (2014). “Tirole—Mozart in Economics.” Financial Times. (《英国金融时报》中文版)
* Benjamin Chiao (2013). Interviewed article about Starbucks in China China Business Focus (《中国经贸聚焦》)

3. Media Commentaries

See some of these here. A full list of several hundred media commentaries in Germany, France, Russia, China, U.K., Switzerland, especially on CGTN and RT is available upon requests